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No matter what type of manufacturing or food processing plant you operate, your know how important a successful pest control program is to your entire operation. A pest-free environment enhances employee morale and increases customer confidence. In addition it helps to ensure compliance with Government regulations.

At Emirates Services, we understand the importance of helping you to maintain a work environment that is as pest-free as humanly possible. We know that you don't have time to deal with rodents and insects - that is our job.

And we're the best in U.A.E at what we do. Emirates Services is large enough and has the skilled staff to design a customized pest control program for every facility we serve. This gives Emirates Services customers an unmatched advantage. Our program will be tailored to your requirements. So no matter what type of facility your operate or where you are located - you are assured of a pest control program that meets your specific requirements.

We understand the manufacturing and food processing industry and we know from experience what it takes to provide you with a successful pest control program

Professionals who are specially trained to satisfy the needs of the manufacturing and food processing industries.
Identification of the source of pest infestations with treatment focused on these sources.
Installation, maintenance and status reporting of rodent control devices
Product and methods proven to be effective in the control of pests.
Scheduled service, including after hours and weekends for maximum discretion and convenience.
Documentation and support for health inspectors and other Government officials.
A complete satisfaction guarantee.


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