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Hospitality industry strives to provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for each of their guests. The sighting of a mouse or cockroach can be very upsetting to anyone, especially to someone paying for a nice place to spend the evening while traveling, or on a vacations. This occurrence can be damaging he reputation of a hotel or motels. Pest sighting can cause you to lose your satisfied customers.

Emirates Services has the experience and resource to keep your hotel or motel free of pest infestations. The size and complexity of your large hotel buildings provide to design a programme to fit the need of these facilities.

The following provisions can be included in a successful pest control programme for a hotel or motel
Professionals who are specially trained to satisfy the needs of the hospitality industry.
Evening and weekend services available on emergency.
Night services for food preparation areas available if needed.
Flying insects control, birds control and Termite control service available.
Compliance to government regulations.
Sanitation reports and recommendations to help you to stay in compliance.
Identification of the source of pest infestations with treatment focused on these sources.
A complete satisfaction guarantee.


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