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Integrated Pest Management Service is a customized pest management service targeting Ants, Rats, Flea, Earwing, Termite, Spider, Cockroach, Cricket, Tick & Silverfish with the use of branded gels and odourless chemical spray process.

This is a recommended service for preventive pest management to residential, commercial, industrial, retail & mall properties.

The treatment comprises application of gel baits at key spots and around cockroach harborage areas followed by odourless chemical spray to target ant and silver fish infestation.

For industrial, manufacturing, food processing, retail and mall properties we provide a customized service, which includes site audit, consultation on pest proofing & sanitation enabling the clients to achieve long term efficiency from the pest management activity carried out.

All services are customized keeping food safety norms and using approved chemicals and documented processes


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Did You Know?

Within the pest management industry there is a definition of what "Green Pest Management" entails, and it is less about the pesticides than it is about the overall manner in which a company runs its business. Numerous experts and consultants from government agencies, universities, and pest control industry leadership have stated at industry events that GPM "is not about pesticides", although some groups of pest control chemicals may fit into a GPM program better than others. But, the pest control company that states it is a Green Company should also be concerned with energy conservation in the office, should have a recycling and efficient waste management program in place, should have efficient vehicle routing to reduce fuel usage, and should be making every possible effort to reduce environmental pollution. GPM should stress non-chemical steps in the management of a pest problem as critical aspects of the process. Doing so is referred to as "integrated" pest management, and we will discuss this more in a moment.

However, many homeowners may think in terms only of using "green pesticides", and in fact many pest control technicians may also hold this view, and this is where education and training will be helpful. It also is important for the pest control technician and the customer to discuss this so that both are in agreement as to what the customer wants and what the technician will provide. The homeowner may desire that only natural pesticides be used, or perhaps even no pesticides at all, and these options are possible but need to be communicated ahead of time. It's also important that homeowners understand what a "pesticide" is, as this includes repellents, biological materials, pheromones in traps, growth regulators, and many other materials used to kill, repel, prevent, or otherwise mitigate any pest. Even cleaning products are, in many states, regulated as pesticides, and rightly so, since their purpose is to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that may cause disease. The EPA provides a definition of what constitutes a "pesticide", and these kinds of products are included in that definition


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