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Kitchen Duct Cleaning very often out of sight, out of mind. Ducts collect coating grease, oil and other deposits. Cleanliness and safety are obviously the essential ingredients of all property managed kitchens. This should also apply to all of the parts you cannot see, principally the duct work. Because it is important to deep clean for hygiene and fire safety, and the difficulty of getting access to the ducts. It is always best to have a professional duct cleaning services.

WE always clean every area of your duct which is physically accessible.
OUR service includes de-greasing and de-carbonizing the surfaces. As well as we remove the coatings of carbon and solidified cooking oil carried by fumes, throughout the extraction system.
The frequency with which you should have your kitchen extract system cleaned depends on how heavily it is used. However, as per the Dubai Municipality the frequency should be minimum of once in 6 months.
Apart from the above, we as professional suggest that the cleaning of kitchen extract system should be cleaned as follows:
a) Heavy Use - Quarterly
b) Medium Use - Once in 6 months, compulsory.




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